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  1. The Acoustic Side of Punk

    29 Jul 2018
    Last night I went to the Face to Face show at Slims in San Francisco. They just released an acoustic album. Opening for them were Get Dead who, if you haven’t heard of them, you should go listen to their music. Their Wikipedia page says they are “anti-folk” in genre…

  2. July Shows

    11 Jul 2018
    Some fun shows scheduled for this month.  Toad The Wet Sprocket @ The Great American Music Hall in SF - 7/21 Face to Face @ Slims SF - 7/27 FEAR @ Slims SF - 7/28

  3. Radwood Norcal

    26 Jun 2018
    On Sunday I rolled up to Oyster Point to wander the Radwood Norcal car show. If you don’t know Radwood it is a car show dedicated to the cars of the 80’s and 90’s. For me, these are the cars of my youth. They had everything from mild to wild…

  4. What’s it all about?

    09 Jun 2018
    I am privileged to see tons of great live music and comedy. I also get to take my camera and try to capture the emotion of the show. I hope you enjoy the photos and that it inspires you to go see more live shows. You only live once. Make…

  5. Nils Frahm

    09 Jun 2018
    A german composer who drags 9+ keyboards around on tour. His stage was an elaborate set of keyboards, pianos, and soundboards. There were songs he played that included all of them, and he’s the only person on stage. He is the most talented and unique composer that I have seen…

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