December Event List

December is busy with parties, work, and travel. Only four shows this month:

Death Angel @Slimssf 12/21

Grateful Shred @GAMH 12/22

Erykah Badu @sbTheWarfield 12/28

Tenacious D @PHVegas 12/31 (just for fun)

Have a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Dancing With The Dead

Thursday night I went to Slims to hang with a friend on Thursday and got to see a great show. Dance With The Dead was playing. I’ve never seen them before, but will again. The music was fun and the show was spectacular. The stage was adorned with red-eyed skulls and freaky mannequins. They opened the show both members ripping on guitar. That was a great show. 

Halloween Weekend in San Francisco

Halloween is San Francisco turned to 11. All of the fun people pop out and all of the oddballs rise up to meet them. It’s like a Tarantino adaptation of a Hunter S. Thompson story. I love it! I shot two shows this weekend. The first was Brian Fallon and Craig Finn at Slims.

What a great show. Both artists are genuine and very funny. The house was packed. 

Saturday night at The Warfield was Gorgon City Live. An English electronic music production duo. This show was packed as well and full of costumed Bay Area fans. The music was great and the crowd was electric.


I also found time to upload some photos from my recent trip to the mid-west. Hope you enjoy!

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