What’s it all about?

I am privileged to see tons of great live music and comedy. I also get to take my camera and try to capture the emotion of the show. I hope you enjoy the photos and that it inspires you to go see more live shows. You only live once. Make the time you have here count. -John

Nils Frahm

A german composer who drags 9+ keyboards around on tour. His stage was an elaborate set of keyboards, pianos, and soundboards. There were songs he played that included all of them, and he’s the only person on stage. He is the most talented and unique composer that I have seen. His music for this show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco was a mix of electronic and classical music. He weaved different styles together like a shuttle flying across a loom faster so fast you can only see the beautiful tapestry in its wake. The house was full and the crowd was pressed against the rails to see him dance from keyboard to keyboard. I had a hard time keeping up.

Find him at his website here http://www.nilsfrahm.com/

Jean-Michele Jarre

Jean-Michele Jarre holds some amazing records. He has held five concerts with over 1 million people in attendance. ONE MILLION. The largest show was 3.5 million in Moscow in 1997. He is the godfather of electronic music. His light shows are incredible. I got to see him at the City National Civic in San Jose, CA. The house was packed. He took the stage and lit the crowd up with song after amazing song. He’s not in this area often so see him when you can.

Find him here https://jeanmicheljarre.com/

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