John Watson Photography

Duff McKagan & Shooter Jennings

On Friday, June 14th I got to see Duff McKagan, Shooter Jennings, and their band. Shooter Jennings opened the evening with an amazing set. The crowd was singing and dancing as they pressed forward against the rail. It was an electrifying performance. Shooter takes the country music heritage he got from his father and stretches it to the stratosphere. Duff McKagan came out after Shooter. The two shared backing bands. Duff, arguably the soul of the Guns and Roses classic lineup, has put out several solo projects. This one, produced by Shooter Jennings, has a different feel from the others. Full of heart, Duff paused a couple times before songs sharing the inspiration and emotions that helped to create the songs. Both artists have new albums out right now. You should check them out, and grab tickets for this tour. This was my favorite show of the year so far. Truly awesome.

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