In the way of explanation..

Folks, the current situation is untenable.  Performers (of all kinds) can’t tour and connect with their fans in the way it has always been done. Fans can’t plan out what shows to see this year and get up close and personal with the entertainers they love. Photographers can’t shoot live shows. Bartenders can’t sling drinks. Lighting, sound, instrument, and other technicians can’t set up tours and venues and effects. Concert promoters can’t plan and promote shows. 

We all miss live shows. It is depressing. It is boring. It robs our lives of sounds, colors, and experiences that we all need. 

I also understand that the return of live, touring shows is a long time away. In order to be cost-effective, venues have to be full (or nearly). The barrier for touring can be quite high. 

I am not advocating unsafe return to live events. I am longing for the fellowship, community, and experiences we all remember. 

I hope you enjoy the photos. In the words of the poet Tupac,

“Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things are gonna get easier

Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things’ll get brighter”

See you…. again when we can be seen again.

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