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  1. Jean-Michele Jarre

    09 Jun 2018
    Jean-Michele Jarre holds some amazing records. He has held five concerts with over 1 million people in attendance. ONE MILLION. The largest show was 3.5 million in Moscow in 1997. He is the godfather of electronic music. His light shows are incredible. I got to see him at the City…

  2. Petty Theft

    09 Jun 2018
    I recently got a chance to go see Petty Theft at Slims in San Francisco. Petty Theft is _the_ Tom Petty tribute band. I shot both of their sets and stayed through to the end of the show. They do a mix of Petty and other classic rock hits. Their…

  3. Frost Music and Art Festival

    09 Jun 2018
    Standford Stadium- Last weekend I got to spend the evening at the Frost Music and Art Festival at Stanford. The day was beautiful. The crowd was mostly Stanford students, and two of the bands were Student bands. Sister Supply opened. Son Kuma played next followed by Ravyn Lenae and Glass…

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