John Watson Photography

Woop-woop! That’s the sound of the beast!

The most fun show of the year so far! A double-header with Jahi from Public Enemy and KRS-One. The sold out show at Slims in San Francisco was full of energy after a 90-minute set by DJ William Stokes. After a brief tribute to Nipsey Hussle, he played hit after hit from the late eighties to the early 2000’s. Jahi came out and performed a couple of brand new Public Enemy tracks and then did some free-styling. One of the best rap performances I have ever seen live.

When KRS-One came on stage Jahi joined him for some songs. The crowd was jumping, waving, and singing along with all the great old-school hits. It’s great to see younger audiences turning out en masse to hear music that was written before many of them were born. I talked to several in the front row who were seeing their second or third KRS-One show, their first in more than 20 years. If there was any doubt about these guys’ ability to move the crowd - it is all gone now.

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